Branding & Strategy

Branding is the foundation for all communication disciplines. And, when there isn’t a solid brand architecture in place, all other communication efforts will fall flat.

Etched’s creative distinction is derived from an intimate knowledge of our target and rock-solid strategic thinking. We create work that holds attention, communicates a strategic message, and builds an enduring relationship between the target audience and the brand. Our work has been recognized by clients and peers as the premier industry standard.

We maintain a high degree of tactical excellence across multiple touch-points to position the brand and its products most effectively. Earned and owned opportunities in each category will feed into each other to drive a sustainable, measurable strategy.

Data-driven insights are at the core of all successful public relations initiatives. For this reason, Etched begins all client engagements with strategic planning sessions involving key internal stakeholders and leadership. Strategic planning allows us collaboratively outline communication objectives, examine existing public perceptions, analyze the effectiveness of current efforts and glean an in-depth understanding of target audiences, such as what empowers them and influences their attitudes, motivations and behaviors.

Etched Communication utilizes a disciplined approach to strategic planning, which begins with conducting market research and analysis. This approach works to identify and bridge gaps, so an effective, measurable communication plan can be developed.

When embarking on a branding strategy, we focus on the following areas and questions to elicit relevant material and messages:

Communication Strategy: What are we hoping to accomplish? Who do we need to influence? Where do we need to drive awareness? What do those audiences expect? How can we differentiate ourselves from other organizations? What does our organization promise? What is/are the purpose/priorities behind our efforts?

Key Messaging: What story do we seek to tell? What stories are currently being told? What does the market want/need to hear? How do we demonstrate the value proposition and translate it for the community? What are our key messages that we want to deliver? What statements support and flesh-out our strategy and business approach?

Brand Identity: What does the organization feel and act like? How and where is it used or consumed? What are the existing perceptions?

Audience Experience: How is the organization presented to its audiences? What happens when target audiences interact with the organization? Do they advocate for the organization? How should we prioritize possible marketing communication tactics based on the services delivered to clients and other stakeholders?