Crisis Management & Public Affairs

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, a public relations crisis can strike at any time. From employee errors to natural disasters to social media blunders, it’s more important than ever to be prepared for a crisis.

Etched Communication is an award-winning crisis management firm that specializes in helping businesses, governmental entities and non-profit organizations strategically navigate the challenges of a public relations crisis. We have proven expertise in crisis communication, from small-scale incidents to large-scale disasters across industries and sectors. Our extensive hands-on experience extends to navigating unanticipated incidents and controversies, ranging from wrongful deaths and community protests to allegations of racial discrimination, financial corruption, and executive fraud.

In an era where messages can ripple through social media within moments, perceptions about a company or individual can be established before evidence is presented. This is where preparation and rapid response become pivotal in minimizing damage.

Our approach to public relations crisis management is based on the following principles:

  • Predictability: We use our proprietary predictive vulnerability analysis to identify potential crisis situations. This allows us to take steps to prevent or mitigate a crisis and/or evaluate and monitor the impact of our response strategy in real-time. We stay plugged into news coverage, public comments, and sentiments. Such real-time insights grant us immediate awareness during a crisis, enabling us to identify trending headlines and social conversations for swift decision-making.

  • Transparency: We are relentless in our dedication to open and honest communication during a crisis. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop effective, competent strategies, clear and concise messages and relevant, nimble tactics. Crafting effective media statements and other essential documents, we ensure our clients are equipped to deliver prompt, honest, and informative communications to internal and external audiences alike. 

  • Agility: We understand that crises evolve rapidly. We are agile and responsive, and we are able to adapt our plans as needed to enable desired qualitative and quantitative outcomes. We understand that a swift, strategic response is often the difference between containment and escalation. 

  • Collaboration: We work directly with our clients and other stakeholders to develop and execute a crisis management plan that suits their business and industry. We know collaboration is essential to a successful crisis response. And our well-established media relationships, cultural knowledge, and business acumen enable us to promptly stabilize issues and take command of the narrative. 

With a decorated track record that spans local and global crisis situations for Fortune-ranked, publicly traded companies, governmental entities and non-profit organizations, Etched’s crisis management team stands equipped to navigate the most challenging scenarios. The Etched team has the experience, expertise, and resources combined with a steadfast commitment to strategic crisis management that enables clients to emerge from public relations threats stronger on the other side.