It is often easy for some marketers to forget their “consumers” and “target audience” are comprised of real, human beings who want to actively engage with an organization and its programs.

Making a purposeful connection on a personal and emotional level requires much more than issuing news release, pushing social media posts and excessive advertising spend. Brands and companies must actively and physically engage with core audiences. When target audiences have positive, face-to-face interactions with a brand, they walk away with a memorable and shareable experience. This can have a strong, long-lasting impact on attitude and purchasing behavior. Creating these experiences also work to instill brand loyalty and advocacy.

Experiential engagement offers audiences a chance to intimately interact with brands and companies through a multitude of ways, including product trials, community-focused events, news conferences and brand activations, just to name a few.

Immersing consumers in an experience not only increases a brand’s likelihood of influencing and genuinely connecting with target audiences, but it also allows the brand to differentiate itself from consumers. Providing hands-on and face-to-face interactions offer additional communication touchpoints with target consumers and allow audiences to have tangible takeaways from the experience.

Etched Communication has unrivaled acumen, creativity and finesse in curating and managing experiential programs that effectively connect with audiences on their terms. We are experts at creating and managing memorable experiences to engage audiences prior to, on-site and after key campaign moments have ended. We develop and execute experiential initiatives to connect with diverse audiences and drive advocacy through the following:

  • Conceptualizing to ensure experiential suits target audiences and brand image
  • Planning, managing, curating and measuring strategic experiences and moments
  • Event planning, marketing and execution (includes event design, messaging, social interactions, etc.)
  • Volunteer and street team training and management
  • Collaboration with elected officials and community organizations
  • Ensuring events are professionally captured through photography and videography
  • Entertainment recruiting and booking
  • Vendor, sponsor and exhibitor relations
  • Data capture and post-event analysis
  • Trade shows, conventions and festivals
  • Community forums and workshops