This is how we “cultivate progressive influence”


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The Etched team takes our work seriously. We hold ourselves to the highest standard. While we are always mindful of the obvious, we take active steps to dig deeper into audiences to uncover untapped insight. This differentiates us and is among the reasons our work surpasses expectations. Our areas of expertise include, but are not restricted to:

  • Media Relations: Etched demonstrates its exclusive media relationships across print, broadcast and digital realms. We execute powerful campaigns in sought-after news outlets across a broad array of categories. From news releases and media advisories, media kits, editorial briefings, media training and metrics and analysis, we increase awareness, visibility and elevate messages within target audiences. Clients also rely on our unmatched media training expertise. We excel at placing messages and teaching clients how to deliver them with precision.


  • Digital and Social Media: Digital interaction is the “new black.” Today, most consumers have their first encounter with messages via digital platforms. We provide digital and social media strategies and tactics to connect with consumer and business audiences on broad and personal levels. We build relationships with target audiences via sharable experiences and real-time engagement. And, we consistently monitor and evaluate online interactions to measure how our campaigns are affecting audience awareness, attitudes and behavior.


  • Community Relations and Engagement Marketing: Etched creates and implement experiential campaigns that are meaningful to key audiences and integrated into a brand’s core objectives. Events and promotions are one-dimensional if they don’t provide an authentic experience. The only way brands will be invited into businesses, homes and communities is through live experiences that connect and engage on an emotional level.


  • Multicultural Marketing: Connecting with targets on a deep level requires more than following the latest fad or trend. It is about understanding their values and what empowers them. Ideas can come from many places, but they don’t simply translate from English to Spanish or by swapping models from different races. Culture and demographics cause us to view and experience the world differently. Etched knows precisely how to deepen engagement within diverse markets by focusing on ethnicity and cultural influences such as geography and core values.


  • Branding and Strategy Development:  Branding is not solely about tag lines and logos.  It is the foundation for all communication disciplines, from marketing to public relations. A solid brand is comprised of multiple elements including company vision, identity, positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, audience experience, imagery and collateral, just to name a few. Etched helps organizations across variety of industries develop and manage brand strategy  in way that’s authentic and can sustain relevance for the long-term.