Influencer Engagement

Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand when it comes with a recommendation of a trusted individual. In fact, one study conducted by Twitter found that 49 percent of their account holders said they rely on influencers for product recommendations.

In today’s digital age, one-way communication, such as pushing ads, does not resonate with the modern consumer. Although advertisements are still important, audiences are looking to recommendations and reviews to provide assurance for their purchases and the causes they support.

Leveraging those who are knowledgeable and credible in their field to convey your message helps enhance audience reach and build brand affinity. We work hand-in-hand with influencers and bloggers with various specialties to ensure clients are prominently positioned across traditional and digital platforms to build brand advocacy and recognition.

The power of first-person influence, as we see it, is cultivating real brand relationships with micro and macro influencers and celebrities that are intentionally selected to authentically and organically enhance the brand with core audiences. Influencers develop credibility and trust among audiences through relatable content and honest engagement. Researching and identifying influencers that authentically align with a company’s brand values while influencing decisions of the consumers is a formula that can result in success if done properly.

Influencers live within and beyond the digital atmosphere. They know precisely what will resonate and connect their audience to the brand through consistent interactions, personal content and experiences; and, they engage with audiences through multiple touchpoints.

The rising power of social media influencers and bloggers ca not be ignored. However, the busy and over-saturated digital marketplace is not easy to navigate. Etched Communication has demonstrated expertise in strategically selecting and creating unique partnerships with established micro and macro influencers and celebrities to deliver organic and collaborative content that drives awareness, trial and loyalty.