Public Relations

The ideal public relations strategy is anchored in the right mix of art and science. In a socially-focused digital world where traditional doesn’t necessarily mean outdated, successful PR efforts demand access to a variety of tools and the expertise to make the right choices and touch the right partners at all times.

Etched Communication starts with a focus on business objectives and an audience-first lens, then applies suitable strategies mixed with the right tools, touchpoints and partners to deliver a plan and activity that combine to deliver desired measurable results.

We produce robust, integrated campaigns to reach target audiences with news that gets covered, industry connections that drive business and advocacy, social media content that gets clicked, liked and shared and experiential engagement and visibility that has a positive ripple effect on communities.

We take our accountability as curators, managers and protectors of public relations strategies seriously. Our practice is anchored in strong media relations strategy. As such, the Etched team is intentionally comprised of journalists, editors, researchers and producers who have profound understanding of the 24/7 news cycle as well as proven expertise navigating the unpredictable media environment. We leverage our knowledge and exclusive relationships to develop editorially sound news materials, secure interviews and bylines, evaluate and respond to media inquiries, diffuse negative information and prepare spokespersons to maximize every interview.

Our media relations approach is both proactive and reactive. We proactively secure high-profile news coverage opportunities; and, since the media landscape is volatile in nature, we also are reactive to trending, relevant stories so you can actively participate in news dialogue to further increase visibility.

With extreme attention to detail, we research, evaluate and vet any and every media opportunity and ensure the appropriate spokesperson is thoroughly prepared. With a thorough media training program, we develop poised, prepared subject matter experts who know how to convey compelling messages to take control of any interview or speaking situation to ensure successful coverage, no matter the pressure.

We are seasoned professionals trained to manage a wide array of crisis-prone situations to control the narrative and share of voice. From garnering awareness to reversing negative perceptions, we are well-versed in navigating the complex and volatile media landscape.

Etched utilizes relatable storytelling to turn even the most complex or controversial information into editorially sound messages that resonate with intended audiences. Our team consists of in-house news writers who are proficient in all types of editorial writing, including: multimedia news releases, media alerts and advisories, pitch notes, byline articles, advertorials, prepared media statements, speeches, interview speaking points and scripts, op-ed content, case studies and feature stories.

Our work has been published in regional and global news outlets including New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Black Enterprise, Education Post, Huffington Post and The Slate, just to name a few.